While staying at La Bannik, you can combine business with pleasure by taking advantage of our massage therapy services. For millennia, the art of massage has been used for its beneficial effects on the body and mind.

Whether for pleasure or to heal the body and the mind, different spa treatments are available to meet your needs.


Cash only. ATM available at chalet reception. 


Length: ½ hour /  $60.00 per person

           1 hour   /  $95.00 per person

          1½ hour /  $130.00 per person

Swedish Massage – Relaxing or Therapeutic
Full body massage or focus on targeted areas. Use of massage oil.

Head, Hand and Foot Massage

No need to undress, no oil is used. Perfect for letting go and relaxing.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Through reflex points found under the feet, it is possible to stimulate any organ in the body.

Reiki (Energy Therapy)

There is no contact (energy of healing is transfered to the patient through the palms of the practitionner).

Duo Massage
The massage of your choice, for two people at the same time.

We ask you to book your massage in advance. Thanks!

Various treatments are available, come and discover the whole range.


Cash only (an ATM can be found near the reception desk.)